Assurance of answered prayer

Mr. Earley and I pray daily for the folks we minister to with the lessons. Here are two assurances of answers to those prayers.

From Randy: I want to say that bible To You has really helped me in my walk with the Lord. I appreciate everything you all do for me. I love the tracts and other stuff you send to me …I just want to say your service has made an impact on my life very much, and I am thankful for you…God bless you (We supply them witnessing tools, personal friendship, and devotional pages, and a KJV Bible if needed).

From Michael: In March of 2019 I was arrested. A 4-10 year sentence was given to me for my crimes…I was so angry and humiliated at myself.  …my heart was shattered…knowing I would be away from my family for the next 4-10 years. …I started getting used to my surroundings obtaining a job, attending chapel, and utilizing some classes…Then Covid hit. Everything was taken away from me. …I got a letter from  Bible To You stating someone had signed me up. …I was so happy! …Completing your lessons not only keeps me finding direction in God’s Word, they help me memorize God’s Word. By filling in the blanks to your lessons God’s Word sticks in my mind as I write the verses down. …it is such a titanic joy getting your lessons in the mail-just knowing someone cares enough to send me mail.

There is more , but we felt that this was something you could rejoice in or be encouraged by! The Earleys and Bible To You

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