God Provides for His Work

At this time in our lives, we struggle physically just to manage our home, be faithful to church and endeavor to  use this wonderful ministry, Bible To You in an active and productive way, for our wonderful Lord! We can no longer work to supply for the ministry, but the Lord has been faithful to supply.

A few months ago the support had dropped away, but the Lord has supplied once and again! A faithful widow supplies stamps regularly. A few weeks ago, her elderly friend had a death in the family due to Covid . We received a call from her asking, “Do you send out Bibles?” I said that we send an offer for a  Bible on lesson 4. If the student needs a KJV Bible, we send them one. Soon after that, we received a love gift in the name of the deceased. It was enough to buy a whole case of Bibles!

If you have hesitated to launch a ministry using the lessons, please know that God will supply for his Word to go forth!


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