Firing our Engines

God has not just carried us through the recent illness, but He has blessed us much. Numerous people sent love gifts that were needed, if we are to continue with ministry work. As an example of general output covered, we sent lessons and adders to 28 students, one certificate, and eight new contacts. We also sent a study Bible to a man who has recently gotten home.  There are other needs so we are looking to God for it all!

God lead a servant of the Lord to our web site. He was praying for lessons like these, that were the pure Word of God! He called and asked if he might use the lessons for his ministry work. Of course we said yes, with a capital Y.

Our church had a missionary, Brother Taylor, in this week who has a church and orphanage in Thailand he is caring for. We invited him and his wife for lunch so we could then show him boxes of teaching materials that were to be given to missionaries. We also introduced him more fully to Bible To You . There are presently no teaching aids at the church or orphanage. He chose a few spiral bound visuals as the cost for him to carry an extra suitcase of any weight could cost him as much as $100 to get it from Bangkok to the hill country in Thailand.

Does anyone reading this know of a way to help missionaries with shipping to Thailand. He asked us to see if we could find help in this area of need.

Brother Taylor was very excited about Bible To You. He asked if we would mind if he would try to translate the lessons into Thai for use in the home and  in other ministry outreach. We assured him that he had freedom to take off with it! All we asked is the permission back to share his work with other missionaries in Thailand, to which he heartily agreed. Pray for this budding work.

We are firing our engines to fly on in this work; God needs others to do the same!


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