You Can Do Something About It!

The very thought that abortions take place as a routine “medical” procedure, falsely so called, makes us sick! so why don’t we do something about it? Every thought of real, living babies being eliminated through the inhumane, heartless, wicked, not to mention, dangerous procedure called abortion, should cause Christians to scream out against it!  We should, but we don’t; most of us feel that we just can’t do anything about it! 

Here is something you can do about it; you can use the “Bible To You” lessons on the subject of abortion! Use them to teach, to educate, to bring people under conviction, and to stand in the gap for righteousness’ sake!  

One girl in a neighborhood can be reached and guided along. One Sunday School class can be equipped with a clear understanding of the need to fight against this deadly activity, that functions freely in nearly every town and city of America. A few ladies who are willing to meet together once a week, can undertake the study and also join in prayer to intercede on behalf of helpless unborn babies, as well as girls and women who need to refuse to have an abortion.   

The lessons are found in the “Lessons for Adults” section on this web site.  they are a part of the “Decisions” lessons. Of course, they are free to be copied and used to the glory of God! Pray for ways to use the abortion lessons. It is one way you can do something about it!

Please feel free to contact our ministry office if the lessons are being a help to you. Please pass the” Bible To You” ministry on to others also!


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