Spread the Word


Spread the Word to other ministries, other churches, other missionaries that there is a good KJV soul winning/ discipleship program available. We have been in the South visiting Fundamental Independent Baptist Churches, challenging folks to better teach as they reach.

It is becoming more and more clear that just having the lessons on the internet is not enough. Most pastors, teachers and missionaries have never heard of Bible To You. On this trip so far, God has led us to five ministries who were in need of a KJV discipleship program!


We praise God that He led the way. You see, we were “blown off course”, so to speak, by unforeseen difficulties. The change of course placed us exactly where the people with the need were! At this point we are realizing that we need help in spreading the Word about Bible To You.

Will you help? Folks, you may have a need in your own church. There may be a missionary coming through your church soon. Perhaps you have a friend who would love to reach to others with a mail-out program, or a person who could teach children after school hours! If you are a pastor, you may consider contacting another pastor who could use the materials. Why not help to see that God gets the honor for this work by helping to move it along. God would bless you for it!

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