Responding to Monitors

Most of you are familiar with hospital monitors going off. If one or more vital signs spikes or drops sharply, the alarm may get louder, faster, or change in pitch. This is designed to let a caregiver know to check on you.  Nurses are often the first to respond, but alarms that warn of a life-threatening problem can bring several people rushing to help.

While studying to build Lady You are Special #5, which is in three parts, I had to read a whole plethora of scriptures to choose which ones would be most effective without overload in any one segment.  As I read, lights in my head started flashing; then beepers began to go off. The longer I read, the louder the beepers sounded till they rattled my whole being! I realized that many Christians are spiritually in danger for their lack of self-sacrifice and an overload of poisonous stuff influencing them, leaving them in need of spiritual monitors.

Due to the years that America has replaced God’s Word in the public schools with humanistic philosophies , and the encroaching socialism in our universities, many people who have accepted Christ as their Saviour lack the knowledge and understanding of principles for living spiritually well lives, causing spiritual sickness.

In Wednesday Bible time, our pastor said that we have learned the self-life, consumed with getting what will make us happy. That happiness is short lived, leaving us starved for more.  I add that, too soon the self-monitor within goes off, and we rush to find fulfillment. Those well placed human monitors are short circuited and need to be replaced. For the child of God, the monitor needed is the Word of God. 

Since training in the Bible way of self-sacrifice is nearly erased from American’s minds, godly living functions are missing, causing severe spiritual sickness!  Do you see the flashing lights and hear the ever loud beepers that warn pastors, teachers, and individual Christians that they need to rush to the aid of the spiritually endangered brethren?!

Bible To You lessons have been developed to inject the right medicine into your spiritual patients! Respond quickly; the monitors are going off!  You must hurry lest the patients succumb!

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