Harvest Labourers Still Needed!

This week our founder was able to spend quality time in the office, thanks to the Lord, who is adding strength, following his broken arm. He smiled when giving the tally for this week’s mail-outs. Together we prepared and sent out close to 100 lessons, 150 tracts, one Bible and 3 certificates for students who completed a series of lessons.

This brief entry is only to thank God and give honor to him, plus to encourage our readers and fellow servants. How many more weeks are left for harvesting is uncertain, but the condition of many people is hopeless apart from someone who will care for their souls.

Harvest labourers are needed today and every day until The Lord’s return for His Bride. are you harvesting in God’s field? If not, why not?  Jesus lamented to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few”.  He urged them to pray for more labourers.

You need not spend hours each day or each week. But are you willing to spend even a couple of hours teaching a Bible To You lesson to someone else? If a 76 year old man who battles cancer, a broken arm and sleep apnea can labour in the harvest, I’ll just bet that a lot of folks around are simply not answering the call. Whatever you can do, you should do! Harvest labourers are still needed!


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