Can we help?

Carl and I take new sign-ups from others. We started more than 20 years ago by accepting sign-ups from an evangelist who was preaching in several prisons each week. He was sending 40 or more new sign-ups a week! That was a amazing! His church eventually gave him free reign to start a full-time ministry and appoint workers from his home church, in Michigan. We continued with the students we were already working with.

One time we realized that our student influx was decreasing so we contacted The Fellowship tract League in Ohio and offered to do follow-up work for those they had no local church to recommend. They sent us a shoebox full of tracts with names and addresses. There were 400 of them; we did them all!

Where did the money come from? All we can tell you is that it was cared for each week, by our Lord. We have never been rich in earthly things, just in heavenly ones! 

Send us sign-ups if you have some that you cannot care for. We will do our best to reach and teach them too!

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