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This amazing note just arrived with our weekly lesson returns:

Hello, I would really like to do your Bible study. I was looking at a friends’ and it really encouraged and helped me. I love your update on your church. I was baptized in the jail. I found Jesus on a bunk in jail and I see that without him I would have not made it. My mama, my best friend, passed away on Christmas day last year. That was really bad, but I seen (saw) the comfort of Jesus… it made me eager to seek and learn more. I really appreciate you and your church.

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Lady, You are Special lessons

Hi to all, we love greeting folks so they know they are included in a very special group! Today, let’s look at lessons for a very special group, ladies. If you have not noticed the lessons called Lady, You are Special, perhaps this is a good time to consider starting up a ladies’ Bible study, beginning with Lady, You are Special, lesson 1!

Following are a few quotes from the lessons:

*…you were not an afterthought but a vital
part of God’s glorious creation. Second, though your fallen
nature may often need correction by God, he will always treat
you as his own child.

*God hears the prayers of women just as he hears those of men. He hears the cry
from women of all nations!

*Lady, you are a blessed creation of Almighty God. As such you should be treated
with special regard. Therefore you should live to bring as much glory to God as you can!

Let us know if you find these lessons a blessing.

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Lessons for Juniors

If you are looking for junior age lessons for a Sunday School class, homeschool Bible program or just to use for kids who come your way, take a good look at the Lessons for Juniors under Children’s Lessons on the opening screen for this site.

We added eye catching graphics 👀 and color that would help to hold the child’s attention, and to better convey the subject being taught. This work covers multiple subjects, as do our adult lessons. They required a great deal of prayer and labor, so be sure to make good use of  them!

Please tell others about these valuable teaching aids! As always, TO GOD BE THE GLORY, GREAT THINGS HE HATH DONE!!!

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God’s Word Preserved Question

This week, we had a question from a student who had returned one of the God’s Word Preserved  lessons. He asked why the Catholic Bible has more chapters in it than the KJV, because the Bible says not to add to or take away from God’s Word. Actually, the Catholic Bible has added books called the Apocrypha.

We also sent him an article from a book by David Cloud, called Rome and the Bible. Folks, we are endeavoring to disciple people as much as we can, by warning them of ungodly living, apostacy, heresy, etc. Please use the Bible To You lessons, and encourage your student’s to ask questions that they have, so you might answer them with Biblical truth.

If we will see a revival in America, it will only come through the preaching and teaching of the Word of God, and by Christians  getting right with God, standing against sin, equipping themselves with the whole armor of God, and leading others into a victorious relationship with our Lord! Rise up ye saints of God, rise up and fight the good fight for the sake of Jesus!

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My Bible My Guide

Our daily devotional time is in the morning.This morning I realized that my Bible was not in it’s normal place, so I stated that my Bible , my guide was missing. We often call our Bibles our guides because they are our daily light and our daily strength, throughout all our years!

That spurred me to highlight one of our lessons in a blog today. It answers these questions: Where did it come from?  Why should I read, study and know my Bible? How much and how often do we need God’s Word?

Please check out My Bible My Guide lesson #4, located in the Finding Direction In God’s Word set of lessons.

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She Met Her Saviour Face To Face

Just a few weeks ago, our grandson led an elderly lady to the Lord. This Sunday past, she met her Saviour face to face. Oh what a blessing to know that she was saved. But it took someone to reach to her!

While that may not relate directly to Bible To You, it does relate to the goal for Bible To You. Our theme verse is Colossians 1:28 “Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus:”

Will you pray for more souls to be saved and put feet to your prayers? You can do that through Bible To You. If you wish to send the message of salvation to someone you cannot get to, please feel free to send their name and address. If it is a child or teen, please give an age so an appropriate lesson may be sent to them from our home office.

We will send a salvation lesson and tract to each individual you ask us to write to.

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Once Again, There was Joy in the Presence of the Angels of God!

Are you familiar with Luke 15:10 “Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth.”? Our home Bible To You outreach received a Finding Direction In God’s Word, Lesson 1 from a man in Columbia, S. Carolina, a few weeks ago, where the writer said he received Jesus as Saviour while doing the lesson. We were all smiles when we read about it, and there was joy in the presence of the angels of God when that man got saved!

Our 20 year old grandson  works a full time job and also mows for several people. One lady, in her 80’s,  just learned last week that she has stomach cancer .  We had taken the initiative in the past to send her a Bible study and offer to send more, but she did not respond. Our church family has been praying for her salvation for some time.

On his way to church, M. E. Jr. took the time to stop at her house and express his love and concern for her physically, and for her soul. After sharing his own testimony, he asked her if she had ever received Jesus as her Saviour, to which she said that she had not. She allowed him to lead her in a prayer for salvation. He asked her if she had meant it and she assured him she had. At church, we were all happy, and, just a short time before, there was joy in the presence of the angels of God!!!

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Summer “Busyness”

Yes, we all have summer “busyness”, like 4th of July picnics, church picnics, vacation weeks, etc.  For those who are in nursing homes, shut-in situations and jails or prisons, there are no such things.  Do you minister the wonderful Words of God to some of these folks?  If you do, please be careful to stay up to date with their contacts, either by asking someone to take your place, or by letting the folks know that you will be absent a bit.  Be sure to pray for them, at least some, and always give them a special update on how God blessed your time away.

Do rest and get renewed.  Jesus called his apostles aside to rest.  Reassure them that you prayed for them.  One thing we do, is pray that God will be with our people, even if we rest and pull aside for a while.

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Bless the Lord, O my Soul

Our home church is small and filled with capable singers and teachers which leaves Mrs. Earley without a place of ministry within the church building. We love serving, teaching and being a blessing to others. After much entreaty to the Lord, He opened a door of opportunity at Countryside Baptist to help with VBS. They had lost one dear lady to Covid this past year, a servant who was a faithful worker during past  VBS weeks. Mrs. Earley was able to teach the Junior class Bible lesson each night. Mr. Earley was a general helper, ministry Rep, and an assistant penny counter.

Not only did we find an opportunity to help another church, God had already led their church to feature The Earleys and  Bible To You as the ministry set before the children to bring pennies for.

Here are three wonderful results of the week. First and foremost, two children accepted the Lord as their Saviour. Second, as for those pennies, well there were so many that Brother Pendley got choked up as he declared that he had never in all his years of ministry seen such a large amount brought in during a VBS. Third, the peace and joy of the week of special service gave us a longing to step out again, travel to churches, and urge people to either do BTY studies, minister to others using BTY studies, or support BTY so the work may continue.

David experience the same kinds of blessings which caused him to cry out, “Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name!”  Our hearts sing within “Bless the Lord, O my soul!”


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Teaching Them

“Bible To You” helps you get the Bible into people and to get people into the Bible! Here at the Home office, we are finding that some our dear students cannot read cursive and have been asking others to read our notes to them. While most books and articles are printed, the hand printing is much slower than writing in cursive.

We are now aiding a student in learning the art of cursive. She wrote recently and said this: I don’t know if you remember me…last time you showed me how to write in cursive, I’ve been practicing. Please pray for her to be able to achieve it.

Another lady wrote to let us know that she attended a Baptist Church as a child.   So, to ensure that she not be misled by other religions, we sent her back a brief history lesson of the Fundamental Baptists, and how they can be traced back to the saints in the book of Acts in faith and practice.

We are reaching and teaching them; are you?

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