Fourteen Years of Reaching and Teaching

While copying old camcorder tapes to CDs this week, we found one from 14 years ago that was recorded in a church in Michigan. It was a tape of church members who had been using the Bible To You lessons in local prisons. Their testimonies were just like the ones we still hear today. That is because the lessons are based on and packed with the Word of God.

One person spoke of an inmate who had come to know the Lord, had led his wife to the Lord, and was planning on working with his kids when he got home. Some of the inmates were scripturally baptized. The students were so thankful for the Bible teaching they were receiving.

This week we heard back from the one we helped with understanding how Catholicism actually is anti-biblical. She said this,”…thank you for the info on Catholicism. I have never been exposed to Christianity – that may be a reason I never believed until recently. What you and your husband are doing for prisoners is amazing… I just want to thank you for your time and energy.

OK dear ones out there,  what are you doing for the spread of the gospel. The Word is life giving but if we do not get it out, the people will perish.

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God Provides for His Work

At this time in our lives, we struggle physically just to manage our home, be faithful to church and endeavor to  use this wonderful ministry, Bible To You in an active and productive way, for our wonderful Lord! We can no longer work to supply for the ministry, but the Lord has been faithful to supply.

A few months ago the support had dropped away, but the Lord has supplied once and again! A faithful widow supplies stamps regularly. A few weeks ago, her elderly friend had a death in the family due to Covid . We received a call from her asking, “Do you send out Bibles?” I said that we send an offer for a  Bible on lesson 4. If the student needs a KJV Bible, we send them one. Soon after that, we received a love gift in the name of the deceased. It was enough to buy a whole case of Bibles!

If you have hesitated to launch a ministry using the lessons, please know that God will supply for his Word to go forth!


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The Will to Reach and Teach

Our hearts and hands have been given over to reaching and teaching. Part of that is reaching out to children. Our example, of course, is Jesus! Jesus went to people in need of salvation, but they also needed relief from illness, grief, and  shame, to name a few things.

I am writing this to say that our students need the same care. We are not able to give them back lost years, but we can give them the truths from God’s Word that heal, comfort, strengthen, and give hope!

One of our faithful lady students, has just been told that she has cancer; some of our men are critically ill. In a town 20 miles away, we have several elderly folks who are mostly home-bound.

A man in jail, in New York, asked our help in teaching his children. We sent children’s lessons and tracts, etc. We have also asked a pastor in their area to go to those children. In the mean time, he told us his 6 year old asked him, “Is God a boy or a girl?” We smiled at the little girl’s  question, but we also rejoiced, because that child is being reached and taught through Bible To You!

Now what are your heart and your hands given over to? Could you use “Bible To You” lessons to reach and teach? Perhaps you need to learn; why not go through the lessons one at a time on your own. You never know but what God may use you, to then, reach and teach someone else! The Earleys

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Notes to another ministry using BTY lessons

We have the honor of aiding a ministry which reaches North Eastern United States prisons. The administrator shared these notes about Bible To You lessons his office sent out.

“Brother R., thank you for sending me the Bible studies and praying for me. All the information I learn will assist me in reaching the goal God has purposed for my life.”

“…thank you for taking time to send, read and grade our tests. It truly does mean a lot. It is nice knowing that there is someone cares even though they know the tests come from a person in jail whom they do not know. It shows me the love of God just like the lessons talk about.

“… Myself and a few others hold Bible studies from 7:00 t0 8:00 PM every Monday through Friday in our housing unit. ( It is)  Because there are no religious services due to …Covid… I am interested in your bible Study course. I heard about your lessons from another Christian brother in our unit. Would you please forward the courses to us at….”

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Lessons for ladies are here!

They are here!  Four ladies lessons and the answer sheets are now available!  Look  under the Adult/ For Women Only/ tab on the website. Click the “Adult Lessons” tab, then click on the “For Women Only link”, and there they are!

Please let us know if you find something that needs adjusted. For instance if we accidentally typed in chapter 1 where it should have been chapter 2.

Thanks and God bless each and every one you!  From the Earleys 

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Assurance of answered prayer

Mr. Earley and I pray daily for the folks we minister to with the lessons. Here are two assurances of answers to those prayers.

From Randy: I want to say that bible To You has really helped me in my walk with the Lord. I appreciate everything you all do for me. I love the tracts and other stuff you send to me …I just want to say your service has made an impact on my life very much, and I am thankful for you…God bless you (We supply them witnessing tools, personal friendship, and devotional pages, and a KJV Bible if needed).

From Michael: In March of 2019 I was arrested. A 4-10 year sentence was given to me for my crimes…I was so angry and humiliated at myself.  …my heart was shattered…knowing I would be away from my family for the next 4-10 years. …I started getting used to my surroundings obtaining a job, attending chapel, and utilizing some classes…Then Covid hit. Everything was taken away from me. …I got a letter from  Bible To You stating someone had signed me up. …I was so happy! …Completing your lessons not only keeps me finding direction in God’s Word, they help me memorize God’s Word. By filling in the blanks to your lessons God’s Word sticks in my mind as I write the verses down. …it is such a titanic joy getting your lessons in the mail-just knowing someone cares enough to send me mail.

There is more , but we felt that this was something you could rejoice in or be encouraged by! The Earleys and Bible To You

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He is Able

God has allowed Carl and me to experience a time of financial depletion in both the ministry and the home. We were faced with the need to adjust our lives in many ways to accommodate the new set of circumstances, and have done our best to do so. However, there is only so much we humans can do.

We have continued sending out our student lessons, reaching to new contacts and providing Bibles when needed. This week I returned to some very special work that has been on a back burner, reaching out to missionaries to make them aware of the lessons and offering to send them CDs of the lessons.

Two nights ago I was up working late on that project. All of a sudden I realized that there was no money in BTY ,or in our personal account, to use to send CDs. I either had to give up and quit, or trust God and finish for the night. I prayed and finished the desired work segment, then went to bed and slept well.

The next morning Carl went for the BTY mail at the post office. He began opening letters for the week. He called to me to listen, then said that a ministry in Ohio had used money from a benevolent fund to send $300 to aid the work here! He is able!


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Can we help?

Carl and I take new sign-ups from others. We started more than 20 years ago by accepting sign-ups from an evangelist who was preaching in several prisons each week. He was sending 40 or more new sign-ups a week! That was a amazing! His church eventually gave him free reign to start a full-time ministry and appoint workers from his home church, in Michigan. We continued with the students we were already working with.

One time we realized that our student influx was decreasing so we contacted The Fellowship tract League in Ohio and offered to do follow-up work for those they had no local church to recommend. They sent us a shoebox full of tracts with names and addresses. There were 400 of them; we did them all!

Where did the money come from? All we can tell you is that it was cared for each week, by our Lord. We have never been rich in earthly things, just in heavenly ones! 

Send us sign-ups if you have some that you cannot care for. We will do our best to reach and teach them too!

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Are you doing what you could do?

As Carl and I  finished our weekly mail returns of Bible To You lessons and prepared the “Bits of Home Chat”, my thoughts turned from our students, to those of you who could have your own students. These lessons are available for copying.

Could some of you be reaching and teaching a friend, neighbor or relative? How about those of you who could have a weekly Children’s time? Are some of you considering a jail or prison ministry? Hey, you have lessons at your fingertips, free for the printing.  

Time is short, the harvest is passing soon! Trust the Lord for your needs and , by all means, do what YOU can!

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Letter to 103 year old Jewish lady

Hello Horty,

I have not forgotten you. We have been helping my daughter-in-laws, Debbie and Becky. Their dear dad has been suffering lately.  The Lord has taken him out of the body of humiliation and pain. He is now in Glory! Do you wonder why I can say that? I say that because I have come to know the King of Glory!

Let me back up about 60 years. When I was a little girl about 8 to 10 years old, I had no real knowledge of God. My family did not feed upon His Word. Then one day I was taken to a place Continue reading

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