The Will to Reach and Teach

Our hearts and hands have been given over to reaching and teaching. Part of that is reaching out to children. Our example, of course, is Jesus! Jesus went to people in need of salvation, but they also needed relief from illness, grief, and  shame, to name a few things.

I am writing this to say that our students need the same care. We are not able to give them back lost years, but we can give them the truths from God’s Word that heal, comfort, strengthen, and give hope!

One of our faithful lady students, has just been told that she has cancer; some of our men are critically ill. In a town 20 miles away, we have several elderly folks who are mostly home-bound.

A man in jail, in New York, asked our help in teaching his children. We sent children’s lessons and tracts, etc. We have also asked a pastor in their area to go to those children. In the mean time, he told us his 6 year old asked him, “Is God a boy or a girl?” We smiled at the little girl’s  question, but we also rejoiced, because that child is being reached and taught through Bible To You!

Now what are your heart and your hands given over to? Could you use “Bible To You” lessons to reach and teach? Perhaps you need to learn; why not go through the lessons one at a time on your own. You never know but what God may use you, to then, reach and teach someone else! The Earleys

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