Sin in a Life is Like Weeds

I have been weeding in the garden a good deal lately, as the weeds got ahead of us. What a job! It was a good time to talk to the Lord, so I prayed for our students as I worked. But Soon, thoughts were forming ; one thing I noticed was how much easier it is to pull out the small weeds than to pull out the large ones. It is not only harder to pull out the large ones, but they also have larger root systems that hold a good deal of dirt. Getting the dirt shook off, so they do not regrow, makes a mess when the dirt is knocked off. If it is quite large, it  leaves a hole, then dirt needs to be replaced to give stability to the good plant. Weeds also keep the sun from reaching the smaller plants. The sun helps plants to convert inorganic resources, such as sunlight, water, carbon dioxide, and minerals, into organic resources that the plant can use.

That got me to thinking of how sin is like weeds. The weeds have to be gotten out, or the garden will not produce healthy, strong, productive plants. The weeds rob the ground of nutrients, water and space needed by the plant. They rob away the money invested to buy plants. They rob away the nutrition, making the ground poorer. Sin does all of the same things in our lives. It robs us of spiritual joy. Sin harms our bodies, stunts our spiritual growth, and separates us from sweet fellowship with God, our Father. It causes extra trouble for the people we love and causes financial loss. The longer the sin has had to take root and grow, the stronger is its’ hold.  Sin can leave holes like hurt to others, illness, poverty, loneliness, shame, etc.

I was reminded to be sure to get rid of spiritual weeds quickly. Satan tries to sow spiritual weeds in our lives. I saw the need to be more determined than ever to refuse to allow a spiritual weed to take root in me! It is my desire to bring forth good fruit through my life; how about you?

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