On the Road Blessings

God assured us, through the Word and prayer, that it was time to visit churches  in the Mid-West, a trip we have anticipated making for three years.   Once the Lord gave us the “GO” flag, our church sent us off with prayer and blessing. After only two weeks the Lord has blessed repeatedly.

Brothers in Christ have been such a blessing as we shared the Bible To You lessons with them. They have expressed their blessing also! God has led us to churches who were looking for a way to disciple, or teach others effectively. As we sat down with pastors, or presented Bible To You it in church services, pastors, jail ministry workers, home-school families, and others have been accepting  the Bible To You tool, to use to the glory of God!

Though waiting was hard, and there have been ruts in the road, literally and figuratively, we are blessed, because God’s Word, and His ways, are being furthered in the world through Bible To You ministry! AMEN and  PRAISE GOD

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