Teaching Them

“Bible To You” helps you get the Bible into people and to get people into the Bible! Here at the Home office, we are finding that some our dear students cannot read cursive and have been asking others to read our notes to them. While most books and articles are printed, the hand printing is much slower than writing in cursive.

We are now aiding a student in learning the art of cursive. She wrote recently and said this: I don’t know if you remember me…last time you showed me how to write in cursive, I’ve been practicing. Please pray for her to be able to achieve it.

Another lady wrote to let us know that she attended a Baptist Church as a child.   So, to ensure that she not be misled by other religions, we sent her back a brief history lesson of the Fundamental Baptists, and how they can be traced back to the saints in the book of Acts in faith and practice.

We are reaching and teaching them; are you?

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