Summer “Busyness”

Yes, we all have summer “busyness”, like 4th of July picnics, church picnics, vacation weeks, etc.  For those who are in nursing homes, shut-in situations and jails or prisons, there are no such things.  Do you minister the wonderful Words of God to some of these folks?  If you do, please be careful to stay up to date with their contacts, either by asking someone to take your place, or by letting the folks know that you will be absent a bit.  Be sure to pray for them, at least some, and always give them a special update on how God blessed your time away.

Do rest and get renewed.  Jesus called his apostles aside to rest.  Reassure them that you prayed for them.  One thing we do, is pray that God will be with our people, even if we rest and pull aside for a while.

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