Lady, You are Special lessons

Hi to all, we love greeting folks so they know they are included in a very special group! Today, let’s look at lessons for a very special group, ladies. If you have not noticed the lessons called Lady, You are Special, perhaps this is a good time to consider starting up a ladies’ Bible study, beginning with Lady, You are Special, lesson 1!

Following are a few quotes from the lessons:

*…you were not an afterthought but a vital
part of God’s glorious creation. Second, though your fallen
nature may often need correction by God, he will always treat
you as his own child.

*God hears the prayers of women just as he hears those of men. He hears the cry
from women of all nations!

*Lady, you are a blessed creation of Almighty God. As such you should be treated
with special regard. Therefore you should live to bring as much glory to God as you can!

Let us know if you find these lessons a blessing.

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