“Bible To You” is Here to Help

It seems that the time is growing short for us to live and serve the Lord, for we believe that the signs of the Time are showing the strong possibility of the Lord’s return! As we shop and buy gas we see the prices rising shockingly! It makes low income home owners like us, wonder how to keep paying the taxes and doing upkeep. It does not really matter, for God can supply water in the dessert, food carried by ravens, a feast outside of a starving city, and on and on!  I remembered something my 95-year-old Bible scholar friend told me. She said that the American monetary system has to fail so that the government would join the other nations in a one world monetary system.

That told me that the one world government is not too far off, as we can see. God did say that Christians  should be able to discern the time, Matthew 16:3.  We plan to keep on spreading God’s Word, affecting lives, changing their direction from roaming in the world, to preparing for eternity with the Lord! How we long to know that each of you is staying on the right path, and striving to please the Lord, and reaching to others in order to change the direction they are going spiritually.

Bible To You is here to help, so please spread the word to others about the effective sets of lessons available. We are the Light of the world, but we are also the ones who take that light. One missionary said it like this; Jesus cannot go with his own light, therefore many people cannot see light. We must take the light in His place. Time is short; who knows how long we really have. The Bible to You lessons are free except for some paper and ink; use them before we cannot even afford paper and ink!

P.S. One of our female students was recently released to go home. She wrote requesting that we continue sending her the lessons at home, praise God!

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