The Stops of a Good Man

Hello to all of you, “BTY” followers! We are doing a “BTY” run through Virginia, North and South Carolina and Florida. We experienced many difficulties in the first days on the road! We constantly sought God for direction. We asked Him to show us if we were to turn around and go back home, but God said to keep going and just follow His leading, and we did.

There was cold and unusually windy winter weather on the mountains where the truck broke down one day and the RV’s heat system failed for two days causing us to have to get motel rooms two nights. We hated paying for a room when we had an RV in the parking lot!  

I like to say that the stops of a good man are ordered by the Lord! Those stops                      had us right where we were needed! In one situation we were able to direct                          a lady, who helped us, back to a more faithful walk with the Lord

While working to get our furnace running again, a dear man found his heart turned back from bitterness against God for the death of his child and 2 other family members. This all came about as Kay reached out with tracts while Carl attended to getting the camper or the truck back to where we could move on.  

As a result of following God through what seemed like a wilderness journey, Carl found preachers who were either just starting jail or prison outreach or were already doing it.  Each one said that he wondered what he was going to do to properly disciple his people.

They were excited to see the lessons and their content, and said that they would be plugging into the Bible To You lessons! One layman was starting a home for men in recovery, or just getting out of prison but desiring to learn God’s way of living.

 Since getting into Florida, there have been numerous blessings as our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Fundamental Independent Baptist, King James Bible churches as Carl challenges the brethren to redeem the time by using Bible To You lessons in any capacity they are able to use it.

 We are hearing these kinds of statements: “I was just looking for something like that”  or  “I have been wondering about some of the things you wrote about”!  So, our friends, We will continue along the paths God leads us on. We beseech you to pray for the advancement of God’s Word through Bible To You as we make this run. And remember, the stops of a good man are ordered by the Lord!

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