Work and Pray; Pray and Work

Hi Friends, How are you?  Are you able to reach and teach?  If you are not, I am so sorry; I know that hurts! Pray for us, will you?

If you are reaching and teaching, don’t excuse yourself and quit due to low response numbers. Pray and work; work and pray!

In recent weeks, we sent out multiple invitations to inmates, welcoming them to do Bible To You lessons. Though we sent to many, only 2 or 3 responded by doing lesson one on salvation. Of those three, one man said that he had been begging God to give him someone to help him in his Christian walk; one woman was very pleased to get the lesson for other reasons. At the same general time that those two returned their finished lessons and personal notes, we received a lesson one from a man who was either someone else’s sign-up or one of the multiple ones we sent out. He signed that he was saved the day he did the lesson.

We struggle with frustration over the hard work put forth with so little response. However, had we given up, who would have helped the first two?  Who would have reached the lost soul? So, once again, pray and work, work and pray!

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