How Does Your Garden Grow

As things are becoming worse with sin and depravity in our Land, we have noticed that even the gardens often suffer. We believe God is a withholding  blessing, and giving exactly what sin causes, loss and suffering.  We asked God for a good garden this year, in spite of it, reminding Him that we are still here, and we are still trying to reach and teach. God has blessed our garden with rain and sun in good proportion.

God is also blessing our spiritual garden. Many of our people have expressed their gratitude for the unfailing ministry of sending the lessons and “Chats” to them. One of the ladies, Lori, sent us her picture. She is a nice looking girl who has looked to us for help in understanding God’s Word. She is growing and blooming spiritually at this time. 

God is blessing our spiritual garden as we labor and pray. Do you remember the nursery rhyme that asks “…how does your garden grow”?  Well, we ask you,  “How does your spiritual garden grow”?


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