How Does Your Garden Grow #2

Folks, our garden has produced bushels of beans and corn, as well as pecks of pickling cucumbers, and enough zucchini for all the church families! The tomatoes are ripening and there are beets nearly ready. We have half of a wheelbarrow full of large white onions drying out.  The cantaloupe and pumpkins are forming up in multiples! Of course we had to buy seeds and plants; it did have a cost.  We then had to work the ground, plant the seed, weed it, water it at times, and feed it. It took time and labor; it was often very trying and tiring.  Mr. Earley and I also prayed ernestly for our garden and, Praise God, He answered our prayers and blessed the work!

Our Bible To You garden which includes shut-ins, children, and inmates has also been worked with and prayed over. The fruit is showing as 3 people have accepted the Lord as Saviour in the past few weeks. God has also used this outreach to connect a pastor with a family of one of our inmates. Another student has asked us to send a child’s Bible and some godly books  to a 7 year old. God is supplying those for us to send to her. We have already sent her a child’s lesson and welcome letter. We have been able to be a guide and help as well as a prayer warrior for these people. This is all a part of working our Spiritual  Garden!

How about you; are you working in a spiritual garden? Are you praying over it, watering it with your tears, feeding it the preserved Word of God?  You reap what you sow; are you sowing to the flesh or to the Spirit! Harvest time for our home garden is half over now, but the harvest time for souls, and the discipling  of the newly saved,  is nearing its’ end! Let us urge you to find a way to Garden for Jesus!

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