He is Able

Bible To You has been in service to God for a lot of years, but never without challenging situations, spiritual battles, and road blocks. Due to health issues and COVID restrictions, it has been a year and a half since we were able to present the ministry in churches.  This  is very important in getting folks stirred and moved into action for the Lord. It also increases prayer support and financial support.  Much of the BTY support has gone away as the churches have shrunken and their income was greatly lowered. We wondered how this work could continue financially.

God is able to send ravens into the wilderness with meat, put oil in pots from an almost empty pot, and turn water to wine. We just kept looking to Him for the needs. He has supplied enough to sustain the office, and enough to get us back out on the road for a series of stops in the Mid-West. We try to never underestimate our God, whom we serve. Let this be a modern-day lesson, to all of us , on trusting God for ministry needs. But this same lesson can be applied to daily needs. Just look to Him; He is able!

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