What a blessing it was to hear from a godly man and lady who were seeking effective, useable, KJV material. Just last week a call came in from them. Their desire to reach out and teach is just like ours, it seems! They desire to reach out to truckers, reach in to elderly citizens, and reach also to Amish folks in their area.

These folks do not have a computer so they asked if we could make them copies of the lessons and send those on to them. We used to do all of our work that way in our pre-internet years, so ASAP we began making copies for them. We actually did 2 sets of each in case some copies get damaged. Lord willing, those will be in the mail tomorrow!

That got me thinking that since they had also asked about the copyright, perhaps a lot of folks do not see our note that they may make copies of any and all lessons. The copyrights just keep them KJV and hopefully, keep some overly ambitious person from trying to take them from us for himself, as that once happened. 

Here’s the issue; feel free to copy and use “Bible To You” lessons! Hey, folks, our time on earth is short. 10,000 years from now, will you be fellowshipping with people who came to Jesus or grew strong in the Lord because you reached out using “Bible To You”?  Just submit to God, then COPY, TEACH and PRAY/ COPY, TEACH and PRAY/ COPY, TEACH and PRAY! You will also BEAR FRUIT and REJOICE, both here and evermore!

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