Family Traits

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👨‍👦‍👦  Even when children from a family differ, they usually have noticeable family traits when seen together. As members of the family of God, we will be more recognizable as His child as we learn His Word and practice His ways. That comes largely from learning and applying God’s Word. In order to do that we must learn from reading and learning the Word of God. That’s where we, who have matured some in the Lord, must advance the work of the Lord, not only in leading others to salvation but going on to make disciples of the Lord.

🤷‍♂️  Why are so many teachers of cults and man made religions making disciples, but we who are saved and separated, are found wanting in this task? How many Sound Christians do you know who are actively teaching others? Folks, it is past time to get out of our CHRISTIAN COMFORT ZONES and move into the CHRISTIAN WORK ZONE.

😊  BIBLE TO YOU  lessons are ready to use, free of charge, and quite practical to use in teaching both children and adults. Why not use them to the glory of God! Maybe you cannot manage a lot; how about starting small? That’s exactly what we did; look at the results just in this web-site. Add to that 20 plus years of reaching by mail to shut-ins and to prisoners. The little beginning was blessed by the God who wants His family to show forth their Godly family traits!

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