Psalm 96 and our Baptist Ways

Psalm 96 has several verses containing our Baptist ways.  Verse 2 tells us to show forth his salvation from day to day.  We believe in witnessing to the lost around us. Our Baptists believe in separation from the world’s ways as well as from doctrines falsely derived by men. (Witnessing and separation)

Verse 3 says to declare His glory among the heathen, His wonders among all people. Not only do we witness daily, but we also send forth missionaries to His glory!

Why do we do this? Verses 4&5 declare that the LORD is great, and greatly to be praised: He is to be feared above all gods, and the Lord made the heavens.  He is Creator God!

Our God is so great that honour and majesty are before Him!  Strength and beauty are in His sanctuary!  As Baptists we join together in worship, prayer and fellowship regularly and faithfully.

Verses 8-10 Speak of God’s dues. 1. He is due glory to His name (Our lives are to be lived so that He is glorified) 2. He is due an offering when we come into His courts  3.  He is due our worship (because He is LORD)  3.  He is due our declaring to the heathen that He Reigns and that the world shall not be moved.  4. God’s due is that we tell the heathen that He will judge people, all people, righteously.

That’s an amazing Psalm describing many of our Baptist ways.

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