Who will Go?

Who will go?  In I Samuel 26:6  David asked two men,  “Who will go down with me to Saul to the camp?”  And Abishai said, I will go down with thee. Two were asked to go with David, into the camp of their enemy, King Saul, who was seeking David to slay him.  Only one stepped out and accompanied David.

In Isaiah 6:8, Isaiah the prophet  responded to the question of God,  “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us”?   Isaiah understood that he was going to carry a message to a people who would not receive the very words he was to deliver.  Nonetheless Isaiah answered God, ” Here am I; send me.”

Who will receive the mantel?  The record of Elijah’s mantel and his departure from the earth, and Elisha’s desire to step into Elijah’s place, is found in II Kings 2:1-14.  It is the account of the end of one godly and faithful prophet’s life, and the one he trained, taking up the mantel and being found with double the amount of faith that Elijah had! Elisha then went on to serve the Lord, as a mighty prophet of God!

The baton must be passed if the race is to be won! In sporting events such as relay races, one team member carries a baton while running a portion of the way.  Another team member, who has strength for the next part,  moves in and accepts the baton as it is passed to him.

Carl and I are praying for the next one in the “Bible To You” race to accept the baton, and continue to run at full speed ahead for the Lord.  The next to work, advancing the lessons, adding to them, perhaps making booklets, and using the internet to reach and teach with “Bible To You”.  We need the next one who will let the churches, pastors, evangelists, teachers, church workers, and missionaries know that this tool is available!

Who will go; who will receive the mantel; who is prepared to accept the baton and run on? Plead with God to prepare an “Isaiah”, an “Elisha”, an “Abishai” or perhaps one of each!

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