A Challenge for Your December

The following is a portion of our “Bits of Home Chat” we will be sending to our students for a few weeks. We are sharing it with you in order to spur you on into a more effective witness life through December 2022! By the way, have you begun using the lessons yet? there are lots to choose from? 

It’s already December of 2022; where has the time gone?! It has been a blessing to have much less results from COVID although we lost several relatives and friends to it. It feels so much better to walk among people without experiencing their fear of getting too near to me. That is helping me to get the children’s tracts into the hands of mom’s and dad’s when I see they have children with them.

Yesterday I thought I saw a little girl following a gramma, but it was a downs person. I quickly decided that I would go ahead anyway and give it, so I asked if the older lady would share it with her. She took it with reserve, but at least she took it. That cute little tract with the plan of salvation in easy-to-understand form, can speak to even an older person, so whoever reads it will have the witness of Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit will be there to say, “This is of the Son of God, the Saviour of the earth”! Oh, how wonderful the Word of God is!

This is the month we commemorate and greatly celebrate the birth of Jesus. Our hearts should swell with the very thought that He left Heaven, took on the form of a man, lived as the child of a carpenter , a common person, and then died in pain and disgrace as He bore the sins of the whole world!

This month, you folks as well as Carl and I, must remember that we have, within us, the Holy Spirit. We have in our hands, the Word of God! We need to use the witness of the Word to show the way to new life in Christ! Pray for a revival of us Christians and for an impowering to reach to the lost.

We need the power and the leading of God to be effective. Give God extra time. Confess sins and ask for renewal wherever you need it. Dedicate the rest of December to aiding others to have the opportunity God gave you through his Word! Worship Him in the spirit of holiness; praise Him for physical life and for eternal life. There is not much of 2022 left, but it can be used to the greater glory of God, if we have the will to do so!

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