How many of you remember the song, I’m Dreaming of a white Christmas?  All the Christmas preparations as well as our devotional reading from Galatians of Christ Jesus being the supreme sacrifice that satisfied the Law and made an atonement for sin, got us thinking of what a wonder it was the day each of us was washed as white as snow by the Saviour!

Perhaps someone may experience that wonder of being washed by the blood of Jesus this Christmas week, or even on Christmas day. Check out Finding Direction In God’s Word, Lesson One to see if you may be able to lead someone, in need of the Saviour,  through the lesson. Take note that there are Finding Direction In God’s Word-Lesson Ones in Adult, Junior, Primary, and Spanish adult series.

What a wonderful way to give someone else a white Christmas, all clean and white inside, if they will receive the Lord’s way of salvation. What an easy way to make their need clear, as well as making the way of salvation clear, by copying out a lesson and doing it with someone! At the end, you can invite them to repent and ask God for salvation through Jesus! Then they will be washed; they shall be white as snow, and have their own White Christmas, so to speak!

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