“Bible To You Uses God’s Propulsion”

We apologize for the gap in time since our last post. The Lord allowed some physical trials which took a lot of our time and effort, but not our service to the Lord. As a matter of fact, the Lord has sustained our Bible To You  work and brought along another missionary who could carry the lessons by memory stick (thumb drive) to another country.

We are just now able to get a memory stick to Brother Patterson for use in the Philippines, but in the meantime, the lessons were shared with a mission work in Gianna. That’s because our Lord’s ability surpasses our own. God sent this man along unexpectedly.

We recently viewed several documentaries about the early development of airplanes and their particular strengths and abilities as they were developed through the various wartimes. They went from using a motor similar to a tractor motor to jet propulsion. God has power that far exceeds any and all jet propulsion. He can get things to any place on the earth!

While grounded here, God still sent forth Bible To You in a totally unexpected way. That’s because Bible To You uses God’s propulsion!!!

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