“Blank Spots, Suffering, and the God of Grace”

Blank spots are real , but not necessarily bad, as seen in God’s Word. There was a blank spot in God’s speaking between Malachi and Matthew with good reason. We have not added a blog since mid July of this year. Carl broke his left arm in a place where doctor’s could not cast it. His suffering has been immensely worse than for those who’s arm can be put in a cast.

Just when Carl was able to function somewhat each day, he received chemical burns on his left hand from poison ivy. He also had the ivy on his chest, stomach, neck and face. We treated the hand with burn ointment and bandages twice a day until the blisters shrunk and the pain decreased. As for the ivy on his body, the itching lasted, even with prednisone, two weeks or more, disrupting his sleep and wearing on his nerves.

The God of grace was our strength, our help, our Rock through it all. Our weekly work with Bible To You was continued except for one week, praise his name!

Lord willing, we will be updating and encouraging you every two weeks or so, as before the blank spot. Pray that the God of grace will see fit to add helpers here, who are capable, so we can avoid more blank spots!

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