Working this Ministry is Effective!

Working this ministry is effective, as you will see from this blog. Some weeks ago we sent out letters to people who had ceased to return their Bible lessons. We thought that, by now, everyone who wished to continue their work had already written back. But this week we got a lesson and note from a man named Will. Here is what he told us:

God bless you. Sorry it has taken so long to reply. I went through a dark patch and couldn’t shake it. I don’t feel worthy, or deserve God’s love. Been really depressed and couldn’t shake it. Truthfully, I just gave up on myself. But between your letter, and God, who keeps hounding me to continue my Bible studies, I told him I would pick them back up and continue with them.  Sorry, this place tears you down…! Please forgive me, and thankyou.

We certainly did not hold anything against him. Alright folks, do you see that working at this ministry is effective? It truly is!

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