Being Faithful

Carl and I have learned that God blesses faithfulness. There have been times in our ministry life when we were able to labor in love 6 days a week! However, these days we struggle to get three workdays in, because of weakened bodies. The reason for this entry is to show you what faithfulness can do.

Years ago, Matt from Heritage Baptist in Jeannette, PA, learned of the Bible To You lessons. After he and his pastor proofed all the lessons, they plugged them into their church ministries. which included prison outreach. Matt was going into local prisons to preach the Word. He started offering the Bible To You lessons to the men who came to services.

Each day, after work, he went to his BTY work area at home, opened the day’s lesson mail, corrected the lessons, and prepared the new lesson with whatever notes he needed to add, then placed them back in the mail. Here is a record of what this one man did with Bible To You lessons as given from his phone to ours: First lesson sent out December 20th, 2002. Since then, 81,163 lessons were sent out. 1276 have claimed to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour from doing the lessons. Lessons were sent to all 50 states plus Mexico, Canada, and Africa and to 1,763 different cities. Lessons went into 584 different prisons. A total of 19,595different people have received the first lesson with 6,968 people responding to them. His church did aid him in mailing costs, but he has just been steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord!

Get on board, if you have not already begun to use Bible To You! Use it, support it, pray for it!


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