God Surprised Us!

Our old copier had given up the ghost recently, after many breakdowns and repairs. We were told by the repairman that a used one like it would cost around $1,500. That was a shock, since we never paid more than $600 for the other ones. In fact, our first copier was a gift from a church we had helped to get a new prison ministry started.

To make matters worse, the repairman told us there wasn’t one available. He said he would look for one. We prayed and waited, but the need was great!

After a week or so we received a call from our faithful repairman. Our faithful LORD had led him to a whole seller who had several!  He started checking over the available used copiers.  Meanwhile, the LORD was sending in extra funds that we could use for the copier.

We now have a Minolta Bizhub that does double sided prints in one scan. It has a memory where the documents can be stored, so there is no need to scan the document in the future! The cost was $1,200 instead of $1,500 and the machine has only been used what would normally be 3 months of work, though it is 3 years old! God surprised us for sure!

Now if I could get Carl away from his new toy!!!

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